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Why do we study the Bible? There are multiple reasons—reasons related to the Book Itself. For example: It is an ancient Book. It is an unique Book. It is a Holy Book. From a literary standpoint, it is simply good writing, unsurpassed in beauty, superior in style, and timeless in Its teachings. The rich content of the Bible is meaningful to millions and has proven Itself life-changing time and again. It is, indeed, a living Book, which speaks to all of humanity in any circumstance of life.

But It goes beyond all of that. The Bible is a supernatural work. It is the self-revelation of the Eternal God to sinful man—the communication of the loving Creator to the lowly creature. It reveals not only the holiness of our righteous and just God, but also His compassion and tender mercies, which are renewed day-by-day. It is the manifold witness of His Grace. It is the love story of God for us, unfolded in the ageless drama of the coming Christ, Who gave the greatest sacrifice to save our sinful souls.

We study the Blessed Book because it is in truth the Word of God. It is the Christian’s sole source of fundamental faith and doctrine. It is our road map to life as well as our spiritual sustenance. It impacts not only our lives, but all of western culture and the world. It is our societal standard for conduct—we still strive to study Its statutes, practice Its precepts, and live by Its Laws. The Ten Commandments have guided our understanding of right and wrong and given us the basis for our system of equitable jurisprudence. The Sermon on the Mount and the Beatitudes of Christ have shaped and molded our perception of being honest, meek, caring, good and kind. The Bible has given us an ideal to aim for and a model to emulate. This is no mere Book!

The Faith Baptist Institute was created to provide our church members with extended learning opportunities from the Bible, while also delving into related areas of literature, archaeology, culture, climate, and history.

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